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In English is the website for the Axcel Books Victims Association. Axcel Books was a Brazilian publishing house that went down in 2007 after years of not paying royalties to their authors, lying about the amount of books actually sold plus having a huge debt with their vendors, banks and associates, while their partners, Ricardo Reinprecht and Gisella Narcisi Reinprecht were getting rich buying expensive cars and a huge apartment in front of the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This website is about getting all victims together, and all victims have a space for posting their sad stories and amounts owed.

Gabriel Torres, Axcel Books number one author, sued them for royalties not paid and won, with the partners closing the company and going into hiding so they wouldn’t pay the debt. The debt amount with Mr. Torres is currently in excess of USD 1 million.

Right before closing the company and went into hiding the partners got loans in several banks in the name of company.

Our current goal is to located the couple Ricardo Reinprecht and Gisella Narcisi Reinprecht and bring them to justice. Please take a look on their pictures here and if you have seen them, please contact us at gabriel [at]

In late 2009 Ricardo Reinprecht released a book about the Brazilian martial art capoeira called “Unknown Capoeira” (Blue Snake Books), with the pen name “Mestre Ricardo Cachorro”, a clear attempt to get some money to support himself while in hiding (as if the money he stole was not enough). The interesting part is that Mr. Reinprecht hasn’t being training capoeira for 30 years, so it is a least suspicious that someone not involved with capoeira for three decades decided to write a book about this art. The illustrations of the book were done by Ingo Bertelli, which was not paid for the job (another victim). Therefore we urge everybody to boycott this book, as by buying it you will be helping a well-known con artist to stay afloat.

Please help us by exposing this couple.